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Post by Lord Nithaios on Sat Jul 11, 2015 11:12 am

1. Staff make the final call in any dispute.

2. Do not argue over a staff decision.

3. Do not badmouth the community/servers.

4. No advertising, this will be met by immediate account termination followed by an IP ban.

5. No soliciting without administrative approval.  This differs from rule 4, as it includes content you have made, such as a song, a shirt, a video, etc.

6. No shitposting. What does this mean? This means there will be no threads with just dumb meme content. For example (from a removed thread) creating a thread called "MY NEW UNBOXING" and then linking a video of "Doritos unboxing (Euphoria Overload NSFW)" is exactly what we mean. That means no 'Dank memes' crap, no 'Pepe Appreciation' threads, and most relevant, no replying to threads with stuff completely irrelevant to the thread just to do it. See more on rule 7.

7. No thread derailing. This means that you are attempting to take the thread off topic with the intention of changing the topic dramatically in an unrelated field. If it's a thread about chickens, don't start talking about a computer unless it somehow connects with the topic of chickens.

8. To contact a staff member, do not post a thread. Send them a PM, they're there for a reason.

9. Do not beg. This could mean for likes, to check out a link, to request staff, in game items, real world items, or anything else.

10. Treat everybody as you would treat your self. Don't be a dick. This is a community, this isn't competitive.

11. Polls are strictly for suggestions only. Do not use polls for staff applications or to attempt to get people to side with you in an unban/abuse thread or use polls for a seemingly useless reason. This will rely on the staff members decision of what is "useless". Refer to rule 1.

12. If a Staff Member on either TeamSpeak, the RP servers, or Forums, you hold the highest responsibility. If you were to break one of the rules, you will be punished just as harsh, if not more than a regular member.

13. Keep topics in the correct section. Most likely if it is in the wrong section it will be moved to the right one, but repeated offenses will result in consequence.

14. Do not randomly bump a dead thread unless your post is relevant to the topic.

15. Excessive use of CAPS is not permitted. You may post an all CAPS post, but do not do it frequently.

16. Do not post boost. This means creating threads for no other reason than to get a post count gain.

17. Do not post offensive content. This is relative to the staff member reviewing the content. This includes avatar, signature, profile posts, replies, thread creation, and anything else you can think of. Refer to rule 1.

18. Do not exceed 2 separate images (gifs included) in your forum signature.

19. Do not embed links or videos in your forum signature.

20. Do not spam, this means posting multiple times in a small amount of time. Refer to rule 1.

21. English only, excluding your name and signature.

22. Content in your messages box CAN be reported. If a user decides he does not like what you are sending him/her/it, the content will be reviewed accordingly and dealt with on a case by case basis.

23. Do no threaten anyone. Doxing and DDosing are prohibited. An account termination and an IP ban will be distributed.

24. If your account is banned, and you make another one before the ban period is up, it will be banned, and both accounts will be terminated, following an IP ban.

25. Keep things SFW. We will consider making a section that or more open ended for our adult users, and if that is created, your account will have to be manually modified to be able to access that content.

26. Do not RP in the chatbox. The shoutbox is for general discussion and notifying users of new thread activity. The shoutbox also abides to this ruleset.

27. Do not use custom fonts to create your account name. This means fonts that are not native to your general typing experience. This includes, but is not limited to any of the following: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°),
EXAMPLE, ℳℒ, シ、or whatever else. If this text is in another language, such as 'あなたがばか!'or 'C’est de faîre plus' please refer to rule 21.

28. Do not harass a topic. If there is a thread posted on loving anime, don't say "ANIME IF FUCKING STUPID!" Be civil about it. Say something along the lines of "I do not find Anime appealing, and I have my reasons for doing so." In addition to this rule, do not attack someone for not enjoying something you do. You may playfully tease them about it, but nothing along the lines of "Fuck you, You just don't like MLP because you don't wanna get rid of your masculinity." Say something along the lines of "lol ur a scrub."

29. Abide to individual section rules. These sections may have specified rules that apply in addition to the forum rules, and the rules set in these sections are just as valid as the forum rules. Respect them as such.

30. In AMA's, no dumb questions. "How does 4?" and "R u dumb?" and stuff of that nature are not valid questions. It's closely related to shitposting

By entering this site, and registering for an account, you agree to our terms and conditions as well as our rule set. If you do not agree to these terms, you can request your account be terminated to a staff member and it will be terminated. By using the site, you agree you have read the rules and any changes that have been made. Changes will be made frequently and without warning. The rules thread may or may not be bumped to inform you of new information being added. These rules were created with the sole intent of maintaining a friendly and entertaining forum environment with the best intentions at hand. Amendments may be made to accommodate new issues that arise in the future. If it is not stated in the rules, it does not mean that you can do it. We will remove and terminate content without warning as we see fit. Sky Castle Gaming does not officially represent the ideals that general users post..
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