93rd Information and Opperating Procedures

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93rd Information and Opperating Procedures

Post by Lord Nithaios on Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:18 pm

I: Chain of Command

The 93rd Battalion of the Stormtrooper Crops is led by the Commander (COM) with the assistance of the Captains (CPTs).

The four Stormtrooper squads - 1, 2, 3 and 4 are led by a Lieutenant (1stLT or 2ndLT) with the assistance of his/her Sergeant(s) (SGT, MSGT, SGTM).

Below them are the Corporals and below; forming the squad's core membership.

Finally there are the Recruits - freshly accepted to the Corps and subservient to Privates and above.

When addressing a superior: units are not required to call PFC or LCPL sir as they are similar in authroity, neither to call a CPL, SGT, MSGT or SGTM sir, as they are NCOs
Sir/ma'am is reserved for field and high command units only, senior units must still be addressed respectfully by their rank.
EXAMPLE "Captain, sir!"

The medical bay and authority
With injured units in the medical bay, or ongoing medical procedures including in the field, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) or a unit with a medical commendation holds authority.

II: Table of Organisation & Equipment

Imperial Heavy Repeater*  
Thermal Detonator  

All troopers will be provided with a Stun-Baton
Weapons with * mean Imperial Exclusive
Non-standard weapons are prohibited from use and must be handed in to the ranking officer on duty.

Anyone with these weapons must take into account how powerful and how many players they can cut through, and handle the weapons with a sense of responsibility over the roleplay currently happening as you are now effectively an event tool. S2M is required for things such as suppresive fire and warning shots. Permission of S2K is granted in situations they would normally be granted in.

III: Commando Troopers

Highest tier of soldier in the Imperial Military. Not part of the 93rd.
IV: Contraband

Level one contraband

  • Stolen property
    Non-Imperial currency

Level two contraband

  • Spices (Drugs)

Level three contraband

  • Imperial Equipment (Weaponry, Armor, Gear)
    Any weapon larger than a pistol

Two items of level one contraband are equal in severity to one item of level two contraband.
Two items or level two contraband or three items of level one contraband are equal to one item of level three contraband.

(( This list is not intended to be definitive nor exhaustive, and CP units are free to interpret (within reason) what does and doesn't construe as subversive materials. ))

V: Rogue Units

(( A unit with a valid reason must send a pm to the Stormtrooper Captain and/or Commander outlining their reasoning and await approval. If granted authorisation (which can only be given by either the Captain or Commander) they may carry out their intended roleplay. If there is disagreement the unit's rogue status will be at the sole discretion of the Commander to approve or deny the request. ))

Stormtroopers  are to attempt to contain any rogue trooper if they are sighted. In the event that a rogue trooper can not be contained, he is to be executed.

VI: Promotions & Commendations

Promotions and commendations are given to Stromtroopers who prove them self to know what they're doing in the field, able to impose the Empire's will and himself and his own fellow troopers alive. They will be handled by NCOs or above.

VII: Callsigns

A standard troopers callsing would be RANK. SquadNumber-0000 'Nickname'
SGT. 1-7429 'Sharp'

A Commando Trooper would simply be known as ICSL-0000 'Nickname'. Squad Leaders would have ICSL
IC-3432 'Hunter'
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